We are a working farm. If you would like to stop by, call us at (828) 678-1404 to arrange a time for your visit .

The Goats

Goat are amazing animals!

If you haven’t been around goats yet, you’re missing out on something truly spectacular. Seeing our guys running around, playfully leaping and twisting in the air, makes even the toughest day better.

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Born: 01/06/2016
Sex: Doe
Born: 01/03/2023

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When they come up to you and scratch your arm, it’s like they’re saying “Please hug and scratch me!” Tinker Bell is quite the attention seeker and always jumps on my lap before anyone else can get there. Oh, and don’t forget animal cookies – they love those! 

Goats can easily make bonds with animals and humans. They’re like the perfect companions, aside from dogs of course! They’re loyal, affectionate, and just loooove following us around all day for a good petting. I can’t imagine our farm without these sweet creatures.

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