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The Herd


La Mancha Goats are unique and endearing creatures, best known for their distinctive, tiny ears. These goats, developed in the United States, are not just cute but also highly productive dairy animals, providing an abundant supply of rich, flavorful milk.

La Manchas are friendly and calm, making them excellent companions and easy to manage on the farm. Their curious and sociable nature means they love interacting with people and other animals.

With their strong, sturdy build and charming personalities, La Mancha Goats bring a delightful mix of practicality and affection to any homestead or backyard.

Even though he qualifies as a La Mancha because of his body type he has long ears from his Sire, Billy. He has a pink nose, blue eyes and a coat pattern that white with black markings.

Sally is his mom who is full La Mancha with the same coloring.


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